Northern Virginia and Washington DC families/clients appreciate my professional expertise in both natural childbirth (unmedicated), medicated birth, cesarean birth, VBAC, high risk, water birth, hospital, home birth, and birth centers. Here's what some of them had to say...

Eileen G. says:

"Susie is absolutely the first person I would turn to for a personalized, joyful and safe birth experience. She's a great, respected mom herself and a wonderful coach and friend to new moms. Having birthed four kids herself and worked for years with many other women as a doula, she has a great deal of knowledge about pregnancy, how to have a comfortable birth and she tells it like it is. She's doing it because she truly loves it! Susie is my first choice for a doula."

Michelle P. says:

"I've known Susie for well over 15 years. She has always loved babies and children. She has provided childcare in many avenues, including church nurseries and home day care. It is only natural for her to be a doula today. She loves mommas and babies! She is concerned for every pregnant woman whether she knows them or not. If you want to experience an amazing pregnancy and delivery, then call Susie at Pure Birth Doula. You won't be disappointed!"

Andrea B. says:

"We decided to go with a doula for our 3rd baby and I'm so glad we did. Whether it's your 1st or your 5th, it's worth it! Susie is fantastic! I loved having her to talk to when I had questions regrading my pregnancy, labor & delivery, and newborn baby. I highly recommend Pure Birth Doula!"

Nicole S. says:

"Susie is so passionate about what she does! Her knowledge and expertise can ease any situation. She has so much compassion for mama and baby, and will do everything she can for you to have your dream birth! She's amazing!

Christina C. says:

"I had Susie at my last two births, and I'm so glad I did! She kept me in the know of the "doctor lingo," making sure I really understood what was going on. She is there for you 100%, wanting you to feel comfortable during this special moment in your life. You will never regret choosing her to be your doula!

Shelby S. says:

"If you are on the market for a wonderful doula, Susie is your girl! She is extremely passionate, knowledgeable, supportive, and kind! She was very helpful during my latest pregnancy/delivery/post partum experience. She was always there to answer my questions and offer advice to help get me through some very difficult decisions.

Jordan B. says:

"Susie is wonderful! She helped me when I was struggling with breast feeding (from a distance, on the phone, and in person). After many other lactation consultants and my pediatrician told me he was fine, Susie helped me diagnose my son's lip and tongue tie. He was struggling to latch, and she was able to help me look at his mouth--paired with all of the symptoms my baby was having--to help me figure out the problem. I also experienced some post-partum depression, but she recommended great tips and products to help me get through it. She is always prompt in responding to my questions and concerns. I quit Googling and seeking advice from others and now I go straight to Susie!"

Joanna R. says:

"Susie is a very knowledgable and caring individual; she is the epitome of strength when it comes to doing what is right and best for mothers and their babies. Her dedication to her profession has reached an all time high and I definitely recommend her as your Doula!

Shane B. says:

"This woman is the best in the business! She is very well educated in what she does, and is passionate about the women she helps. She is by far the best choice to make!

Joanna A. says:

"One amazing thing Susie brought to my experience was laughter. Every time I wanted to get upset, she would distract me and have me laughing while I was in labor. She was a delight to work with and my doctor thought so too--our labor room was where all the cool kids came to hang out!"

Shannon C. says:

"This lady is a God-send! Even though she was a long distance from me, she gave me great help and ideas to keep my baby in the right position. Next time I am definitely flying her in because she is so worth it! Do not miss this lady and her amazing abilities!"

Kellie K. says:

"Susie was a great help to me during my pregnancy and even afterwards. Even though she wasn't my doula, because she had her baby the same time I had mine, she was always quick to answer all my questions and refer me to another great doula. Thanks Susie!"