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"It was so comforting to have Susie by my side..."

"Susie is an incredibly knowledgeable resource for all things pregnancy, birth, and baby! I had the honor of Susie attending one of my births as my doula, and it was so comforting having her by my side. Although it was my 3rd child, she helped walk me through my labor at home and stick to our birth plan once we got to the hospital.

After our baby was born, Susie made it a priority to check in on us. She helped me sort through some breastfeeding difficulties, and anytime I had questions about my newborn, she had helpful information, articles, and resources to send my way.

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’re an experienced mom, I highly recommend having Susie as your doula. She makes you her priority and truly loves her job. It was a pleasure working with her!"

- Andrea B.

"Hiring Susie was the best decision I made..."

"I decided to hire Susie a little late in the game, about two months before I was due. Needless to say, it was the best decision I made. Susie was such a great support and her game was on point! Anytime I had a question or needed her, she got back to me and was there to help.

During birth, she was a huge support to my husband and I. Her encouragement and her presence during the whole process was a huge part of why I was able to push through my birth plan! Thank you, Susie, for a great experience!"

- Miki D.


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"I don't think I could have gone through my labor without her."

"Susie is awesome! I couldn't have done it without her. She is filled with so much knowledge and eased my mind countless times throughout my pregnancy. If I had questions about anything, she would give me her honest opinion.

When my water broke at 1:00 am, she answered my call and met me at the hospital. I had a very quick 7 hour labor, and she helped me try different things to ease my pain. When I decided I wanted an epidural, she made sure that I actually wanted it, without saying, "But you said you didn't want one!" She also coached my husband on how to help me, and as a first time dad, he was very glad for that! 

I would (and will!) recommend Susie to all my pregnant friends. I don't think I could have gone through my labor without her. If you're even considering hiring a doula, hire Susie right now!"

- Brittany R. 

"Susie makes sure you feel comfortable during this special moment in your life..."

"I had Susie at my last two births, and I'm so glad I did! She kept me in the know of the doctor lingo, making sure I really understood what was going on. She is there for you 100%, wanting to make sure you feel comfortable during this special moment in your life! You will never regret choosing her to be your doula!"

- Christina

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"Susie was with me at the hospital for 30+ hours..."

"I had the pleasure of Susie being my doula, and it was an amazing experience! She helped me throughout my pregnancy, and provided me with great resources to help me decide exactly what I wanted for the birth of my second baby.

She was always just a text or phone call away, and any time I got anxious about anything, she came up with the perfect solution. She really went above and beyond what I expected! Susie was with me at the hospital for 30+ hours for the birth of my second daughter, and was a constant calming presence. She helped my husband and I make the best decisions for our baby.

My first birth was a traumatizing experience, and this time I can say it was the complete opposite, thanks to Susie. I barely ended up following my birth plan at all, but felt completely comfortable and at peace with the outcome. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Susie there!"

- Gina


"I was ready to give up, but she encouraged me..."

"Susie was so helpful. After I had my first baby, I was struggling to learn how to breast feed. My husband suggested we call Susie in for some guidance. She put me at ease, and helped me get a successful latch. I was ready to give up, but she encouraged me, and I was able to go on nursing well over a year with my son! Thanks Susie!"

- Charity

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"She has a love for birth and supporting women..."

"Susie is well educated and super helpful with all things birth. She has a love for birth and supporting women in doing just that! I loved having her at the birth of my 3rd child!"

- Megan

"She helped me move through the contractions in a way that cut the pain in half..."

"Susie is wonderful! I highly recommend her! I needed a doula to help me with pain management and sticking to my birth plan. She was amazing at helping me move through the contractions in a way that cut the pain in half, at least. She was right there with me for each wave, supporting me through it all! She also did a great job reminding everyone of the birth plan, so we were able to stick to it! When people ask me about my experience with using Susie as a doula, I always tell them that she was 'worth her weight in gold!'"

- Katie K.

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"She spent 40 hours in the labor room with us to see the plan through..."

"I discovered I was pregnant for the first time at the age of 41-- with excitement and a little nervousness, I began this exciting journey. I knew I wanted a natural birth, and yet had no idea how to really prepare. Susie was recommended to me through several friends. And my goodness, she was amazing!

My parents are already in heaven, so I needed a helper that would be educational, calming, a voice of reason without attachment, and a wellspring of joy. Susie was all of this and more! She met with me and helped lay out my plan with realistic expectations. And she was available as often as I needed to answer questions, fears, or thoughts! She shared many great resources, and on the day of, spent 40 hours in that labor room with my husband, baby Jackson, and I to see the plan through!

I cannot say enough praises for this wonderful woman, mother and Doula! I would recommend her to any family who is expecting a new addition."

- Theresa

"Susie reached down and helped the doctor unwrap the cord from around my baby's neck ..."

"Because we are military and my birth happened on short notice, Susie came all the way to Bethesda to help at the hospital. I went in for an appointment and ended up needing to be induced.

She helped manage my birth without medication, and kept me calm no matter how much my birth deviated from my birth plan. The entire time, Susie was my rock. She helped keep me and my husband informed of what was happening from the doctor's side of things. She also was able to use techniques to reposition the baby better for less back labor.

During labor, she used squats and counter pressure to manage the pain. When I finally went to do an epidural, she was the one to keep me still, focused, and sane when all I wanted to do was cry. It turns out the epidural is just what I needed to relax to have the baby!

She coached me through pushing, and was an advocate for my daughter when I couldn't be there for her. Susie kept me in the loop about what was happening with my daughter, since the cord was wrapped around her neck twice, and she was taken from me pretty quickly. Susie actually helped the doctor unwrap the cord from around my baby's neck so she could be born.

Susie stayed with me even while her own baby boy was sick at home, and made sure I was okay before leaving. This made my family and I feel loved and important.

She was an amazing, essential part of my birth. I'm not sure I could have made it without her. I was emotional and scared from all the medical interventions, and Susie was my main partner in the whole thing."

- Anastasia S.

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"Susie was a steady voice of confidence and compassion..."

"My husband feared a non-hospital birth for our third child due to unforeseen complications with our previous birth. But he fully supported my drive for a natural, unmedicated birth experience with no interventions. I constantly called, texted, and messaged Susie with updates from doctors’ appointments. We had narrowed down our decision to an all-natural hospital birth with Susie as our doula.

Best decision ever. Susie kept my eyes on the prize. She gave me questions I needed to ask my obstetrician (OB), and encouragement as the due date neared. She is incredibly knowledgeable, so I did anything she told me to, which later paid off with only a 4 hour labor. Susie checked in with my emotional needs, and was a steady voice of confidence and compassion as I grew weary through many days and nights of false labor. She checked baby’s position several times through the few weeks of false labor, offered the second opinion of her own doula, and together, they gave advice for getting baby boy properly engaged for delivery.

Three days past due, natural labor came on quick and hard. Susie contacted my husband at work, called ahead to the hospital for them to prepare, and met me in town not far from the hospital. She jumped right into the thick of my contractions before heading into Labor and Delivery (L&D) at the hospital with confidence, adaptability, and gentle encouragement. Susie applied pressure to counter contractions, disperse my back labor, focus and visualize each contraction, and vocally meditate through the pain.

We entered L&D to get checked in, only to find that I was already complete and ready to start pushing. In the whirlwind of the nurses’ chaos, Susie quickly answered the questions of the staff on our behalf so that my husband could keep me focused. Neither of them left my side. There was no time for IV, taking my vitals, or even getting my ID and insurance card. The nurses rushed the doctor in, and Rowan was born not even 15 minutes after walking into the hospital front doors!

Susie was efficient and communicative throughout delivery and recovery. She captured Rowan’s arrival to the world with her camera, his first moments, and first family photos. She thoughtfully realized that we were too caught up to bring our own camera, and gave us great memories to keep. She stayed with us until we were settled into our recovery room, baby’s first nursing, and all of us had eaten dinner together. For the days following, she checked in on us and answered any questions that came up. 

Susie was instrumental in accomplishing the healing birth experience we desired. We are so thankful for our friend and doula, and look forward to having her by our side with every child we are blessed to have. Susie has a great balance of confidence, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, quick reaction, and adaptability, which all made her a perfect match for us! I highly recommend Susie to everyone I know who is expecting and will continue to spread her praises."

- Priscilla

"Again, Susie was the first to arrive..."

"During my labor and delivery, I was blessed to have a great supportive team, which included Susie. Susie and I met twice a few weeks before the birth to go over expectations. I emailed her my birth plan, and she respected all my desires.

One evening, my contractions started getting pretty intense, and by 11:00 pm, we decided to go in and see my midwife. Susie arrived even before we did! Since my labor stopped, we were advised to go home until the contractions were intense enough to come back in.

Around 3:00 am, my husband called Susie to let her know my contractions were back and very strong. She suggested we go back in to the birthing center since the contractions were so close together. Again, Susie was the first to arrive.

Our experience was simply amazing. Susie coached me through transitioning and breathing. She is a comforting doula. She respected our choices and supported our decisions every step of the way. Just a few hours after arriving, we welcomed our second baby boy into the world!

In regards to services that Susie provided, she supported me in the laboring techniques my husband and I chose: breathing, imagery, laboring in water, and aroma therapy. Not only was she supportive, but she went above and beyond checking up on my healing progress and even cooked and brought our family dinner one evening!

Choosing to share our birth experience with Susie was a wonderful decision. We could not have been happier with the whole experience. What a blessing Susie was!"

- Yesica

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"Her faith and care is something I'll treasure always."

"Susie was such a wonderful support system during my pregnancy and birth! I wish I was having more babies just to experience that amazing love a few more times. The memory of her care, especially during the hardest part (labor), well, words can’t describe it. Her faith and care is something I’ll treasure always. Anyone looking for a doula--she is a diamond. Thank you Susie!"

- Riann

"Knowing that we had Susie gave me peace of mind..."

"I was extremely nervous, but knowing that we had Susie for our first baby gave me peace of mind for one of the biggest and most significant events of our lives. We met with Susie before deciding to work with her, to get a feel for her energy and learn more about her views on childbirth, L&D. She is extremely personable and helped us feel comfortable right away. She was also readily available via text and phone leading up to our delivery, and answered any questions we had.

One of the things we appreciate the most is her encouragement to find an OB/midwife that we really click with, and ended up using one of her recommendations, which was the best decision ever. I ended up having the birth that I wanted, and Susie encouraged me to remember my goals and try to stay strong throughout the process, no matter how challenging. Susie is experienced, knowledgeable, and super encouraging."

- Jennifer

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"Susie has the perfect kind, calm, knowledgeable personality that you want in your delivery room."

"Susie has the perfect kind, calm, knowledgeable personality that you want in your delivery room. Susie brought me such comfort and ease with my second child, Airlie. She was very helpful from the beginning of the pregnancy to the final moments of getting me into the delivery room, holding my hand while I delivered my sweet girl, without any interventions!

It was a world of a difference from my first delivery. Doctors are wonderful, but they also have their own agendas. Having someone knowledgeable by your side is very important for any mom giving birth, natural or not. The difference in recovery time from my first birth to the birth with Susie was was like night and day. With my first child, it took weeks to heal. With my second, I was able to walk immediately after giving birth, and there was almost no recovery period.

My husband is an amazing partner, but was also incredibly grateful Susie was there for us! Susie is an amazing woman and doula, and I would 100% recommend Susie to any woman looking to have her support."

- Juliana

"I had the funniest labor ever, thanks to Susie..."

"I was scheduled for an induction (my choice), a day before my due date. We were asked to get there at an ungodly hour in the morning, only to find out that everybody and their pregnant mothers had flooded the delivery rooms the night before.

So we waited in a packed waiting room, standing room only! As a mildly contracting woman who had been given Cervadil the night before, I was not a happy camper. I got super grouchy, but Susie was able to calm me down, and then she had me laughing so hard I had to hold my sides. By the time we got called in, I was once again happy, and I was ready to have the baby.

Susie impressed me once again when she got all the nurses and doctors eating out of the palm of her hand. I was treated like royalty! She was so good, the pregnant lady in the next room kept on asking her for help and advice!

Despite the fact that we ended up having a cesarean due to my baby trying to come out like wolverine, it was still a very fun experience. I am probably one of the few people who can say they had their husband and doula in the OR when their baby was born; that's how good she was: They let her in their operating room.

Susie also provided a lot of practical advice and emotional support while I was pregnant. I'm pretty sure my story would have been much different without her in it. So thank you very much, Susie. As for you out there reading this, sign up already! Best doula ever!"

- Joanna

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"She was always a call or text away..."

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning different techniques to help in delivery that Susie taught me. She was always only a call or text away if I needed her prior to delivery, and I appreciated the caring and thoughtfulness that she displayed. I wholeheartedly thank Susie for giving me techniques to help prepare for labor. I ate plenty of fresh pineapples, and walked a lot prior to my labor and delivery.

As soon as close contractions began, Susie was able to come all the way to Fredericksburg to help with my labor process up to delivery. I felt comforted knowing that Susie was there for me during the process. She assisted me in doing counter pressure techniques to manage the pain and helped me to maintain focus during the hardest part of labor. After the birth of my daughter; Susie spent an hour with me ensuring that breastfeeding was done properly.

In summary, I could not have gone through the birthing process without Susie. I will always appreciate her caring spirit. I highly recommend her as a doula for other births. She was a blessing to me and helped me when I need the support the most."

- Mercedes

"Susie helped me fulfill a life-long desire to deliver naturally..."

"The greatest thing about birth is that no matter how traumatic your first delivery was, being informed can change the next birth drastically. With my first birth, I was in labor for more than 32 hours before my beautiful daughter was born posterior.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I was determined to have a very different birth experience. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until 38 weeks hit and my little boy turned posterior. I was so scared and devastated. I thought for sure I would end up in the hospital with a c-section.

Susie, however, was not discouraged. She would call me a few times a week and walk me through "spinning baby" moves and ways to use everyday chores to flip my little man. At 40 weeks, there still seemed to be no sign of baby flipping, so Susie used her knowledge and her experience to walk me through more moves. Sure enough, a few days later, baby Ezekiel was born within five hours of my first contraction.

Although many states away, Susie was encouraging and helpful throughout my pregnancy and delivery. She never once gave up on me, especially when I was overly dramatic or discouraged. She is soft spoken, and yet authoritative with every word. Her knowledge of the birthing process and ability to come up with new ideas is the best, bar none. Susie is controlled in the midst of delivery, even over the phone.

Susie helped me fulfill a life-long desire to deliver naturally, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to go natural. Susie is able to adapt to the mom she is working with and provide innovative ideas to help with pain control and focus. I highly recommend her and believe she is a vital part for any mom who wants to achieve the milestone of giving birth."

- Shannon

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"Any questions I had, she answered, and if she didn’t know the answer, she found it."

"Susie was my doula for my first son, and from the time I found out I was pregnant, she provided continuous support, advice, and dedication. She checked in on me weekly, if not daily, to see how I was feeling, and to ask how my doctor’s appointments were going.

When I went into labor, she met me at the hospital where she, along with my husband, mother and sister, stayed by my side for 6 hours. She coached my husband where to place his hands and when the different phases of labor were happening. When my water broke on her she thankfully kept her composure and quickly changed her clothes. I never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed. Her knowledge and techniques helped me deliver my baby boy naturally and with no complications. She remained calm the entire labor and even brought some laughter to the room.

When I became pregnant with my second son two years later, I was excited about the knowledge that Susie had gained in the last two years. Toward the end of my pregnancy, Susie gave me great tips in order to prepare my body for delivery. She came to my home multiple times to feel the baby's position and to make sure I had all that I needed to prepare for labor and delivery.

This labor and delivery was extremely fast and I did not have a lot of time to think about or make decisions. I was extremely comfortable knowing that Susie was there to support and comfort me. Susie used many techniques to make me more comfortable to again have a natural, non complicated birth.  The physical and emotional support she provided for me could never be replaced.

With both of my son’s births, Susie was an advocate both for me and my babies. She kept me informed of what was happening with them when they were on the isolette. Susie assisted me in getting them to latch on and breastfeed for the first time. Again, her calm nature gave me a sense of confidence. She did not leave the hospital until we were settled in our post partum room. She then called and texted me to check on us daily. Any questions I had, she answered, and if she didn’t know the answer, she found it.

Although I knew a lot of the medical terminology and procedures as a Registered Nurse (RN), Susie knew more and always walked me through everything. It was great knowing that she was there to advocate for me. Through both of my pregnancies, labors, and deliveries I felt extremely confident with Susie standing behind me. Her knowledge, support, and dedication made having my children an amazing experience. I definitely plan on using Susie as my doula again in the future."

- Katie B.

"This was the best birth experience I could have imagined."

"We found out we were expecting our third child in June 2017.  My previous two deliveries were quite stressful, and I didn’t want to repeat those experiences again.  Susie was just what we were looking for: informed, experienced, a good listener, and outspoken. She herself has four children of her own. It was clear that she was perfect for the job.  

I had a complicated pregnancy, and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. When I shared the news with Susie, she was incredibly supportive, and recommended a wonderful nutritionist. Toward the end of my pregnancy, we contacted each other weekly, even more during the last weeks. As my due date approached, she helped us develop a birth plan, which included a questionnaire for my husband.

I was overdue. She helped me decide what natural options to perform to reduce the risk of an induction. She gave me the contact for a prenatal massage therapist who specializes in induction massages, as well as advice on teas to drink and foods to eat to encourage labor.  

When my baby girl finally came, I was only the third birth in Susie’s six-year doula career that she had to miss. However, she had a wonderful backup available. I was in very good hands! My birth was textbook, thanks to the expert care I was given. Thanks to Susie’s midwife recommendation and her backup, I was able to give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I had expressed my concerns to Susie about pain while nursing. She gave me the contact information of a lactation consultant, Noelle, who concluded that my baby had a tongue and lip tie. She recommended a pediatric oral surgeon, who saw us the next day and correct the lip tie. Since the procedure, I have been able to exclusively breast feed, and our baby has had no problem gaining weight. She’s now in the 88th percentile for weight. We just love her chubby cheeks!

Overall, this was the best birth experience I could have imagined. Susie’s recommendations helped us make informed decisions. I felt very confident going into labor and delivery. Susie took the time to listen to all of our concerns, and was able to deliver the best birth experience possible.  Do yourself a favor and hire Susie! You will not regret it!"

- Catherine M

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"She guided me every step of the way..."

"Susie is a well-trained and experienced doula who went above and beyond to help me with my prenatal and birthing needs. She is an affectionate, caring, and passionate doula who assisted me with switching providers at the last minute due to my baby being in the breech position. Most providers push for C-sections in such cases, but Susie has a good knowledge of breech births. She advised me that it was just a variation of the norm, and recommended that I go to GWU Hospital—one of the only places in the DC area that specializes in breech births. 

She guided me every step of the way and provided excellent advice up until delivery day. She kept me calm and relaxed right before the birth, and was a huge source of encouragement to me at the hospital, where I successfully gave birth to a beautiful breech baby without having to endure a C-section. Moreover, as a pro-life advocate, Susie has a high regard for the value and dignity of all babies—both born and unborn. She comes with my highest recommendation!"

- Angelita