Labor/Birth Doula

This is where I offer my professional training and expertise to support and educate you throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth, as well as some postpartum and breastfeeding support. I am available 24/7 throughout your pregnancy, and will attend your birth and stay to support you throughout your entire labor and delivery, as well as some time afterward. We will have at least two meetings to discuss your birth plan, and answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have all the way up until after your birth!

After talking/meeting with me, if you would like to work together and have me as your doula, we will discuss pricing.

These are the steps we will take together:

  • I prefer to meet with you at least twice before the birth of your baby. The first meeting is sort of an "interview" (normally about 30-40 minutes) where we can chat about some of your hopes and plans for your birth, and for you to get to meet me in person and get to know me better. If you then decide to hire me and we become a team, the second meeting is to go over your birth plans/preferences/wishes, and talk about anything else that may be on your mind, work on the baby’s position, and much, much more.
  • I bring my “bag of tricks” to each and every birth. It has TONS of things to help calm, soothe, and relax you, practical things to help with labor, positioning, and more, as well as things you probably haven’t ever seen before.
    • When we meet on our second visit, you can hear all about it and more details.
  • I also come to every birth with a peanut ball! "What’s that?" you might ask... If I’m your doula, you will find out just how AMAZING it is. It helps with baby's position and mom’s pelvis and cervix for an optimal birth. Peanut balls help you and baby when labor stalls, baby’s stuck, mom gets an epidural, mom wants to push in alternative positions, and SO MUCH MORE.
  • I will be "on call" starting at 37 weeks until baby is born (this is not limited to 37 weeks, as I can still offer support for both you and baby in the event the baby comes early).
  • Labor support from when you feel you need me to come to you (at home, hospital, or birthing center). I have ample education and training on helping with many techniques and exercises to help ease your pain, support your breathing, help get baby in the BEST position for birth, helping support mom physically in whatever position she desires to labor and birth, etc.
  • Support for scheduled or unplanned C-sections. I will be right there with you every step of the way.
  • Postpartum visit to make sure all is well with your baby.
  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout the entire pregnancy and postpartum time.
  • Breastfeeding support and referral if you need it.
  • "Doula Insurance": A back-up doula - Sometimes there are emergencies, and it’s my priority to make sure you have the care, support, and advocacy you need, want, and deserve (this doesn’t cost you anything extra!). If it makes you feel better, in ALL the years I have been working as a doula, I’ve only needed to call in a back-up doula ONCE for a mom who I was with for three days straight laboring in the hospital when another mom called to tell me she too was in labor. I take ALL my mamas seriously; I truly love being there with you to fully support you in your journey, and I pledge to be there every step of the way!

Birth Plan Preparation: $100

This includes a two-hour meeting where we discuss and create your custom Birth Plan. We discuss pros and cons to interventions and other procedures that may occur in your labor and delivery, whether at hospital, home, or birthing center. This is a wonderful time to ask a professional doula all the "why's" and "what if's" that you want. We go over your goals and do's and don'ts for your labor and delivery for both you, your partner, and your newborn. We will draw up your birth plan and draft it together. When the meeting concludes, I will comprise all the information into an "easy on the eyes" format that your doctor or midwife will be able to look at and use to support you. Within five to seven days, you will receive the birth plan via email for you to print and give to your care provider, doula, partner, etc. This takes the headache, anxiety, worry, and fear out of trying to create a plan all by yourself.

    *Everything in The birth plan preparation package (see above) plus a 1-hour breastfeeding support meeting is included in this! all of my Mamas get a folder FULL of amazing info sheets on all things mama/baby, including tons of coupons and samples!

    *I am commited to women having a doula if they desire. Occasionally I am willing to take payments or reduce rates after verifying your income with last years taxes. If I am unable to personally serve you myself,  I will try to find another doula willing and able to offer you services.

    Breastfeeding Support Meeting: $50/hour

    This is where I visit you in your home and and help assist you in breastfeeding one-on-one. I can help with latch problems, lip tie, tongue tie, weight gain, clogged milk ducts, milk blebs, engorgement, mastitis, pumping, nipple care, and more. I am NOT a certified lactation consultant, but I have successfully and exclusively breastfed 4 babies of my own each for over a year and I am training to become a certified consultant, so that is why the consultation is more affordable during this time of my training. I have many references*, have been able to assist MANY moms in this area, and have been able to support moms in their breastfeeding journey. This is a minimum of one hour and up to three hours if needed. Contact me at any time to book a consultation, even if you didn't have me as your doula!

    *See my breastfeeding testimonials to hear from some Moms who I've been able to help!



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