Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy is important because it can help relax your body, especially your muscles to help prepare you for labor and delivery and also help release tension to encourage your baby to get in and stay in the optimal position for birth.  Going to a massage therapist that specializes in pregnant moms is important.  These 2 massage therapists have had extensive training to assist pregnant moms and have help several of my clients get their babies to move into a better position, receive care that helped them sleep better at night, and relieved their aches and pains amongst other things.

Marilyn Alger
Massage Therapist/ Doula


Massage Therapist SPECIALIZING in prenatal, postpartum, and especially induction massage.

(703) 732-6765

Highly recommended and extensively trained Doula and Massage Therapist who has worked with expectant mom's for years.

(979) 571-8028